5 Baby Things You Can Live Without

No matter how many blogs you read or vlogs you watch, you are never really prepared for your first baby. I read up on a bunch of baby products that I thought I would need, so I purchased them/put them on our registry. However, looking back now, I realize that I could have done without a lot of things. Here are 5 things that I thought of right away:


1.) Baby Wipes Warmer
So I thought this gadget would be totally cool because hey, I’ll never have to wipe my babe’s bum with a cold wipe! Ha, wrong. 1.) It’s a pain in the @#% to have to fill the wipes warmer when you have ten million other things going through your head, and 2.) it took up too much space. Certainly not needed.


2.) Baby Shoes
Having cute things for your baby is totally okay and totally understand. Hello! Who doesn’t want cute things for their kid? But personally, I could have done without the bundles and bundles of newborn shoes we bought. A was pretty much always wearing socks anyway.


3.) Toys
Lets face it: newborns don’t do much. They eat, sleep, poop, smile, and silently giggle. They really don’t need toys; they’re completely satisfied staring up and smiling at you!


4.) Fluffy Blankets
We adored all the blankets we got from our baby shower! They were so soft and had such pretty designs. But if you’re thinking of buying a ton for yourself… don’t. Trust me, you aren’t going to need 10 blankets.


5.) Crib
I know, I know. A crib- WHAT?! Well, for all the mamas who co-sleep, you really don’t need a crib until you plan on letting your baby sleep by themselves. Because we breastfeed, co-sleeping is just so. much. easier. We love our 4 way crib set that A’s Nina P got her, but unfortunately we won’t be using it until A is at least 2 or 3. I can’t stand not sleeping with my baby!


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