Pregnancy Tips And Tricks

Getting pregnant was definitely one of the most wonderful things I have experienced thus far. Although the first three months were full of nausea and hour-long naps, my pregnancy was pretty amazing. Here’s a few tips and tricks I wanted to share.

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1.) Eat the saltines. Eat the grapes. Just… Eat.
My first trimester was exhausting. I started getting morning sickness during my 6th week of pregnancy. It actually started a couple of days before we left for our Christmas vacation! If you’ve never experienced the feeling of needing to throw up every second, then be happy. That feeling sucks. One thing I learned is that no matter how sick I felt, I needed to eat. No matter what it was and no matter the time- seriously, just eat. Everyone suggested saltines or bread, but grapes and lemon water really helped me get through this stage. So find what works for you and keep it by your bed to snack on.

2.) Stop checking Google for answers.
I can’t stress this enough. Don’t look up symptoms and just call your doctor. Google-Doc scares the crap out of me for normal things; can you imagine looking up pregnancy symptoms?! Save yourself the worries and just don’t do it.


3.) Take the advice, kindly smile, and walk away.
Oh em gee. Living on Guam, you know that everyone (and their mother- literally) will try to tell you how to do something, not to do something, and to do something. It’s not a problem if you don’t agree with what they’re saying. I didn’t agree with A LOT of things. At first, I didn’t know how to deal with it. Then my sister Jazz reminded me that all I had to do was listen, smile, say thank you, and walk away.

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4.) Sleep on your stomach as much as you can before the bump.
I’m 6 months postpartum and I seriously can’t remember the last time I slept on my tummy comfortably. Before your sweet bump starts to show, take advantage of sleeping on your stomach. If you plan to breastfeed, you may not be sleeping in that position for a long, long time.


If you can get away with wearing loose dresses, then do it. I made the mistake of buying two maternity dresses when I was on vacation and I never used them. To be honest, I don’t even know where there are. Buy a belly band and keep your jeans unbuttoned. Or! There’s the hair-tie trick. But in all seriousness, just don’t buy the clothes if you really don’t have to.


6.) Take the maternity pictures.
I didn’t really get swollen until the last week of my pregnancy, so I was super into the maternity photo shoots and all kinds of pictures. However, I’ve spoken with a lot of mamas who told me they didn’t take photos because they hated the way they looked. Don’t. Hate. Your appearance. You’ve been carrying that beautiful baby inside of you for so many months now! Nothing can compare to that! Take the pictures and cherish them forever.


7.) Birth plans don’t always go as planned.
Joshua and I went over my “birth plan” that I thought was written out to perfection. I wanted to avoid all drugs if possible; I wanted to breastfeed and not give an ounce of formula; lastly, I would not give birth until my mom got home. (Yeah, what was I thinking. The baby will come when the baby is ready to come) Birth plans… Wonderful, right? Wrong. My water ended up breaking 3 weeks early. Ambrosia was still in the breech position, so I needed a C-section. I had a hard time breastfeeding, so the hospital convinced me to give her formula. And my mom was not on island. So… don’t be disappointed if your birth plan doesn’t go exactly how you want it. As long as your little squish is healthy, be happy. Don’t stress too much on writing it out. Talk with your partner and go through all the “what ifs” and “just incase” scenarios too.


8.) Rest. I mean it, rest as much as you can.
During my third trimester, I told myself that sleep was for the weak. I worked up until the night before I gave birth… Huge mistake. I should have taken into consideration that Ambrosia could come early, but I didn’t. Take time off from work early if you can and just relax. It’s definitely true when they say you won’t be getting much sleep with a newborn. (I mean, you wouldn’t want to anyway. You’ll be too busy staring at your new baby!)

Hope this helps you even just a little!

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