What, Why, and How?

Hafa Adai Babes!
I was a little skeptical on what I wanted my first post to be about, but hopefully you guys like the topic I’ve chosen.

What– the heck is this blog about?
I wanted to introduce the blog just a little before I went into all the other stuff. thatmomfromguam is basically about my mom-life here on this beautiful island. Almost everything I post will be about me and my babe (and sometimes J, of course); however, there will be the occasional off-topic chat. Feel free to leave a message and some advice on what else you’d like me to write about!

Why- did you decide to start a blog?
To be honest, I have always loved writing. I started with a Tumblr and wrote a lot of mumbo jumbo there. But for mom stuff? I needed something completely different. If you’ve followed me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that my parenting methods are a bit different from others. I get questioned almost daily on why I do certain things, how I managed to learn about them, and my personal favourite: ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU GAVE HER WHAT? -but I’ll get into that a little later. So, hopefully as people follow up with my blog, they’ll learn that: 1. I do so much research on literally everything I do; 2. I follow mom groups and read a ton of books that give me so much information; and 3. I AM NOT CRAZY. YES, I’LL GIVE MY DAUGHTER TUNA SANDWICHES AT 6 MONTHS OLD! – but, like I said, I’ll get into that later. 😉

How- did you start your blog?
Well… I googled.
Actually, at first I asked my friend Tim. He knows everything. I always go to him for my tech-needs. (Hi, Tim! I know you’re reading this! :p) I then researched a lot of different ways to get my own domain name and of course, WordPress was the number once choice. So for anyone who wants to start-up their own mom-blog or any kind of blog, you do have to pay. I don’t quite remember how much the total was, but getting rid of the “.wordpress” was totally not free. BUT- it was totally worth it! 

Anyway, I hope you guys end up liking everything I have planned to post. Subscribe and get email notifications for when I write something new! If you have any questions on What, Why, and How, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, if you need help starting up your own blog (which I totally advise, you’d have so much fun!), just ask in the comments. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time. Xoxo.

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